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Canoe Adventures

Terms & Conditions

About our trips: We aim to provide clients with an experience which is environmentally friendly, invigorating and fun. The Terms and Conditions below are laid out to ensure that all participants (including the Steersmen) can enjoy a hassle-free outing on the water.


  • Canoeing is an assumed risk water contact sport.
  • Canoe Adventures is aware of the safety factors and the risks associated with the activities it offers and will do its reasonable best at all times to ensure a safe enjoyable experience.
  • By presenting yourself to take part in the activities offered by Canoe Adventures you are presenting yourself and/or your companions as medically fit to do so unless you advise us otherwise.
  • Landings are made on uneven ground with sharp rocks, slippery weed, mud and other normal tidal waterside hazards. By joining our activities you agree to take reasonable care and responsibility for yourself in our operational environment.
  • When groups of youngsters aged under 18 are joining, each Voyageur canoe guest-crew is to include at least one adult who is already familiar to and with those youngsters. The ratio of adults to different ages of youngsters is to be set by prior agreement. Canoe Adventures does not offer pastoral care.
  • When individuals or groups with special needs are joining, each guest-crew is to include one or more adults familiar to and with the individual(s), aware of and competent to deal with their pastoral, social and medical needs.  The ratio of carers to clients is to be set by prior agreement.
  • Rendezvous times are given according to the seatide on that day. Latecomers have a 15 minute window after which it will be assumed they are not joining.
  • At Tuckenhay and Stoke Gabriel in the Dart Valley where we rendezvous, mobile signal is broken. Our landline goes to Answerphone at least 1 hour before any RV time.
  • In the case of a Foul Weather Postponement we do all we can to rebook. If rebooking is not possible, amounts that have been pre-paid are refunded. We endeavour to give minimum 12 hours notice of a postponement. In rapidly developing weather this is not always possible.
  • In the case of customer cancellation with less than 48 hours notice deposits are forfeit.
  • Canoe Adventures reserves the right to alter, postpone or cancel a booking at any time.
  • Should the conduct of a guest-crew member compromise the safety of either crew or vessel, that person or persons may be put ashore. Canoe Adventures will not be liable or responsible for any expense or inconvenience so incurred and no refund will be due.
  • Canoe Adventures holds a Gold Award for Green Tourism. We aim to provide ecofriendly sustainable activities and hope to encourage guest-crew participation.
  • Small, quiet dogs are occasionally permitted on group outings by prior agreement