Leave only ripples

Canoe Adventures

Who Are We?

Canoe Adventures Ltd was set up in 1999 by experienced Devon canoeist, Phil Sheardown and his original one 'Voyager' eight-metre canoe, Cheemaun.  

Over the years and with the administrative skills of Phil's partner, Flip Williams, the Canoe Adventures fleet grew to six canoes. Three of these are the original 'Voyager' canoe. The other three are the bigger nine metre 'Longbow' canoes, which are custom built on the River Dart by Totnes-based boat-right, Ian Bowles.     

The canoes with their iconic flags have long since become a recognised feature of the upper half of the estuary and regularly feature in guides and tourist photos.  The Totnes Longbow Festival or 'the Races', organised by the Totnes Rotary has become an annual event in Totnes' summer calendar.  

In 2016 two of Phil and Flip's steersmen, Hugh Clifford and Hal Gillmore, took over the reins, or rather the paddles, as company owners and directors and Canoe Adventures continues.  

The Dart Harbour Authority inspects us annually and assesses all new staff, and the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority inspects us every three years.   

Our Skippers / Guides / Steersmen/women

All our staff hold Boatman Licenses issued by the Dart Harbour Authority.  Our Skippers come from a range of professions that sustain them throughout the year, and share our adventurous spirit.  When recruiting staff we look for local knowledge, experience, an excellent approach to working with diverse groups of people, and a passion for being out on the river.   What this means is that you get to spend the day with some interesing people with a good range of life experience and things to talk about, who have worked for the company for a number of seasons, and who are never jaded by the propsect of giving people the best possible experience out on our magnifiecent estuary.